Bronnickiy Juwelier

Bronnitsy Jewelry is a dynamically growing company, one of undisputed leaders in the Russian jewelry market. We consistently take the 2-3 places in a specialized rating on the production volume of jewelry made of precious metals.
Today Bronnitsy Jewelry contains:
– Bronnitsy Jewelry factory;
– Federal network of branded jewelry stores.
Bronnitsy Jewelry Factory is one of the oldest jewelry companies in Russia – it produces more than five thousand items of jewelry of gold 585° and 375° and silver 925°.
Traditional products of our factory are gold and silver chains of hand and automatic weaving, the share of which today accounts for about 80% of goods manufactured by Bronnitsy personnel. The collection of chain products is supplemented by bracelets, necklaces, made on the basis of chain links with pendants or inserts.

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