Welcome to a new chapter of unique business style, a new expression of classic elegance. This season, BOSS presents a benchmark collection of reworked pieces, with multifunctional looks and ultra-precise cuts. In redefining luxury, this collection redefines the BOSS man.
With a keen focus on avant-garde shapes and materials – think lightweight summer down and taped seams, razor sharp silhouettes and tailored details – wardrobe staples are given a thoroughly contemporary update, yet are still naturally easy to wear. A navy blue trench coat is sharper than ever; paired with pants cropped above the ankle and slick sneakers, it’s a look for the utterly modern man. Meanwhile, a fitted, almost completely seamless neoprene coat is styled with a toned-down anthracite grey business suit and elegant double-strap monk shoes.

Dress code principles are smart, as ever, but with a twist. Take the classic parka offered in mint green, for example, or the nylon vest worn with a business suit, or pants equipped with an elastic waistband and short zippers at the legs. Styling is also similar, with a luminous reversible camouflage coat combined with a Glen checked, double-breasted jacket and a wool tie.
The collection unites form and function like never before: foldable raincoats, field down jackets and denim with a decent stretch. Performance-wear ideas are blended with the essential BOSS look, as demonstrated by taped seams and pockets, and laser-cut details.

This ultra-modern interpretation of businesswear calls for statement colors. Poppy red and mint green are a fresh, yet complementary, addition to timeless business colors. Dyed silks, cashmere blends, and textiles with a soft sheen finish provide the high-end fabrics expected of BOSS and reinforce the core notion of the collection: luminous exposure.



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