Weekend Max Mara

Weekend Max Mara brand is a lifestyle line offered by Max Mara Group. The brand was launched in 1984 and originally conceived as a collection of street wear in a casual style, perfect for weekends. Rapidly developing over the years it acquired a unique identity, known to us today.

Weekend Max Mara brand offers a rich and refined complete wardrobe, including different classes of products like overcoats, knitwear, shirts, tops, denim and much more, supplemented by a wide range of accessories such as shoes, bags, scarves, belts, shawls and jewelry.

It is designed especially for Max Mara woman to offer her a full range of products for all occasions.

It is about formal & free style in terms of offer that meets the modern demand for practical and versatile products, equally suitable for city and countryside, elegant and feminine, with rich color range.

Weekend Max Mara combines a desire for femininity and contemporary with the need of comfort and practicality. The collection is inspired by the street classes, hence the presence of sports elements in the classic products of sartorial work and basic products. It is equally well suited for country leisure and city life, corresponding to the modern dynamic lifestyle.

The concept of the store and the collection is devoted to real woman, active and dynamic, who is not blindly chasing fashion, but follows her own personal characteristics and perceptions of femininity and style.

Items expressing the true concept of "practical luxury" offered by Weekend Max Mara for many seasons, has become a permanent trend of catwalks. It is easy-chic fashion with elements of casual style; skillful combination of glamour and sophistication, combined with the inherent branded elements of sports style.

Everything from the choice of styles and fabrics including different types of linen, cotton, silk, yarn dyed fabric, crepe de chine, cashmere, wool and tweed fabrics, depending on the season, creative use of color and decorative elements, primarily different patterns and prints, and special attention to details such as hoods and drawstrings shows it.

A small butterfly, which is printed or sewn on the items of the collection & embodies lightness and freedom is a symbol of the brand with chic & free charm and the key branded concept.

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