Meat & Fish: For Kids

“To children in an adult way” is the unofficial motto of the new restaurant “Meat & Fish Children's”.
The youngest member of the Meat & Fish family has now opened at the Kuntsevo Plaza shopping center.

The owner of the network, Sergey Mironov, emphasizes: the emphasis in “Meat & Fish For Children” is placed precisely on the menu. All dishes are highly skilled chefs developed taking into account the needs of the growing body of little guests. And even so loved by children pizza and burgers will be from natural and "healthy" Russian products.

The restaurant on the 4th floor “Kuntsevo Plaza” is a real “small country”: with a spacious play area, entertainment and a private carousel for kids. There is also a “living corner”: with tiny monkeys - with white whales, chinchillas, royal python, a chameleon and parrots.
Ensuring that young guests do not get bored will be followed by animators.

And chefs and pastry chefs will respond to any requests from small gourmets, on whose table “monster necks” and colorful dumplings, mini-burgers and much more will fall.

Moms and dads will certainly appreciate the fact that Meat & Fish Children's is first and foremost a real restaurant with 112 seats and its own veranda (in the warm season, the number of seats increases to 220). With the appropriate menu, service and attitude to the guest.
Which, moreover, is open until midnight.



10:00 - 24:00

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