Nespresso is a boutique bar.

Nespresso is not just a quality portioned coffee and machines for its preparation, it is a well-thought-out brand designed for a wide audience of coffee gourmets, which includes an original concept, value system, competently built sales scheme, as well as a set of measures to promote and maintain customer loyalty - own club.

Every owner of a coffee machine becomes a regular customer of the company and automatically joins the Nespresso Club, which offers a wide range of services. Among them, the recommendations of specialists in the selection of coffee and accessories, the delivery of capsules at home or in the office for 48 hours, maintenance and repair of coffee machines, as well as advice on their use. At the same time, members of the club have the opportunity to choose both cash and non-cash payment methods.

The Nespresso Capsule - unparalleled in the world - is a small, walnut-sized container in the form of a cone. It is made of aluminum, covered from the inside with a transparent food film to avoid oxidation of the product when it comes into contact with the metal and to protect against the transition of aluminum particles to coffee. Capsule allows you to maintain a full quality portion of freshly ground coffee for 12 months, but even after the expiration of the product does not pose a health risk, but only loses some aromatic notes. The design and manufacturing technology of the aluminum capsule is patented by Nespresso.

The main line of Nespresso coffee includes 16 varieties of Grand Cru coffee, each of which has its own individual flavor and aromatic qualities.

The Nespresso Boutique Bar is a comfortable area and a pleasant atmosphere. And competent consultants will help you to orientate in a wide range and will serve you at a high level. And of course, you can taste any coffee from the line of flavors presented in the boutique.



9:00 -22:00


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