New Togas House of Textiles Spring-Summer 2019 Collection

22.05.2019 - 22.06.2019
Togas presents the Aquarius collection inspired by the mysterious plant world of the deep sea. Images of coral reefs, flora and fauna of the underwater world are a peculiar reflection in the Togas home text models of Spring-Summer 2019.
The Aquarius collection is filled with femininity and lightness. It contains the main trends of the season - natural naturalness, interest in the underwater mystical kingdom. Living Coral (Living Coral), donated to the most natural world. With its presence, active, energetic and warm coral charges with optimism, compensating for the lack of positive emotions and creating an atmosphere of comfort and peace.
Let the coral's life-giving energy into your bedroom's interior with the new Togas House of Textiles collection.
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