TOM TAILOR presents a new spring-summer collection

01.02.2019 - 31.08.2019
In a world that is constantly being compared across all social media channels, TOM TAILOR encourages all its fans to step back, relax, and start loving themselves again. To love unconditionally - regardless of whether they met social expectations.
The world is at your feet. Despite the rules, ideals of beauty or social convictions - be honest, confident, courageous. And find the greatest love of your life: YOURSELF.
The SAY YES TO YOURSELF philosophy is part of the TOM TAILOR DNA, which has always translated a positive attitude towards life. This idea was reflected in the spring-summer collection TOM TAILOR.
A new interpretation of the trends of the 1980s and 90s, the current styles Athleisure and Retro are reflected in the women's collections TOM TAILOR and TOM TAILOR Denim. Saturated floral patterns, colorblocking sensationally bright colors, stripes decorating pleated skirts, blouses and pants in a relaxed sports style, t-shirts with prints that seem to have burned out under the hot summer sun - the entire collection creates a cheerful spring mood.
Men's brand collections focus on very attractive Street style and new variations on denim. Sweatshirts and hoodies of bright colors with new designs, logos and a lot of sports elements will help to create an up-to-date and functional image for meeting spring in the megalopolis.

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