Photoexhibiton - "Iceland. Another planet."

25.09.2016 - 25.10.2016


Exhibition “Iceland. A Different Planet” of Vladimir Shirokov, one of the most popular star photographers, will be opened September 22 in Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Complex. Впервые перед широкой публикой предстанут Photos of the charming nature of Iceland, a country of unique and unfamiliar beauties of nature. 

Unusual landscapes, rocky mountains, cold ocean and space scenery are depicted on the photosб, which will be exhibited in one of modern Moscow Complexes – Kuntsevo Plaza. The photos were taken in one of the most picturesque locations at a distance of 150 km from the capital of Iceland – Reykjavik during shooting of Nikolay Baskov’s and Sophie’s music video, where the singer invited his friend Vladimir Shirokov. Skogar is a small village in the south of Iceland, which is located slightly lower than the small glacier Eyjafjallajökull. After the coastline had gone farther into the sea, grotesque cliffs were left to stay in its place over a length of 100 kilometers as if separating the lowland and the mountain Iceland. 

Vladimir Shirokov himself says that it was one of the most difficult shooting but for this reason it has become the brightest and the easiest to remember. ‘The great distances, which we overcame every day from Reykjavik to the places, where we took photos, early wakeups, horrible cold, but all of it becomes insignificant, when you see unbelievable beauty, icefields, and feel freedom, when there is not a single person over a distance perceptible to the eye”,  the photographer recalls. This journey became possible due to Nikolay Baskov’s idea to a video in Iceland, the author of which became Sergey Tkachenko, the producer. Vladimir Shirokov, who has already many times accompanied the entertainer during road tours and who has earned the humorous title of the star “chronograph”, left for Iceland jointly with the production team as a photographer.

It’s good news for would-be photographers and just for those, who are fond of looking at the world through the camera lens. Simultaneously with the exhibition in Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Complex, jointly with Vladimir Shirokov, a contest for the best photo on the subject “I wish to go to Iceland!” is announced. In other words, if you are dreaming of visiting Iceland, it’s your chance! The author of the most convincing photo showing how much he (she) wants to see Iceland, will receive a trip to this wonderful country as the prize. The famous photographer himself will act as the jury.

It is already next to impossible today to imagine glossy magazines, covers and posters of stars without Vladimir Shirokov’s photos. For many would-be entertainers, to have pictures taken by the star photographer is a kind of a pass to the world of big show business. Vladimir Shirokov’s artistry has been already worthily appraised not only in Russia but also far beyond its boundaries. It is shooting of such stars as Alla Pugacheva, Dima Bilan, Renata Litvinova, Alain Delon, Christina Aguilera, Anastasia, Пеле, Daryl Hannah and others. 

Dates: September 25 – October 25, 2016.
The exhibition is available for free access from 10:00 to 22:00.

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