Exhibition of Museum Creative Collage “Encyclopedia of Moscow types”

01.04.2016 - 27.05.2016
The exhibition of famous creative collage by Petr BystrovEncyclopedia of Moscow Types” will be held in Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Complex from April 4 to May 27 supported by Moscow Museum and Pechersky Gallery. Unique works not earlier represented to the world will be shown within the framework of the exhibition.

Muscovites and visitors to the capital will be able to see a portrait gallery of the today’s representatives of different professions and social categories created by Petr Bystrov in creative collage technique. To make it richer in contrast, the exhibition will be supplemented with postcards of the end of ХIX – beginning of ХХ centuries presenting images of the century-old Moscow public. 

Hawkers, craftsmen, holy fools can be found side by side with parking attendants, hooligans and office managers. Willing or not, an association with the characters of the book by Gilyarovsky from the Collection of Essays “Moscow and Muscovites” describing the traditions, life and manners of Moscow of the second half of XIX – beginning of XX century comes to one’s mind. It can be said that the characters well-known by each secondary school student, have come to life in the creative collage and are now telling their stories to us. 

“It is evident that Kuntsevo Plaza is an excellent opportunity to show the exhibition beyond its customary format. The exposition will sparkle with new colours, and the site itself will give a chance to a larger number of people to join in the world of contemporary art and to become familiar with the works of the artist Petr Bystrov”, Marina Pecherskaya, the owner and founder of Pechersky Gallery, says.

Petr Bystrov is a famous artist, supervisor, performance artist, former participant of the legendary Radek art team. The author invites the audience to speculate together with him not only about the nature of turning of ordinary things in the works of art but also about how we establish the affiliation to any type of city dwellers. Long time ago, Bystrov moved to live in a village located near Moscow in Solnechnogorsky District. When he was repairing and heat insulating the house he bought, he discovered as follows: any building materials – nails, wire, clamps, tin-plate pieces, nuts, leather, even garbage were essential materials for creation of visual artistic images.

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