Duality of perception. New exhibition in Kuntsevo Plaza

01.11.2018 - 25.11.2018
Kuntsevo Plaza is pleased to invite its visitors to the exhibition of amazing abstract works by young artists from Moscow, Natalia Kolmykova and Marina Dorofeeva.

We all love to decorate our reality, often we want to show the uniqueness of our life and deserve a positive assessment of others. But what really is? What is the reality? The very beautiful image or the intention to create a beautiful image? And what is the standard of beauty, ideality or success?

After all, every household detail, event or image is perceived by each of us differently, each of us has its own point of view, its own filters of perception on the world around. And this exhibition is an attempt to share our perception of everyday things through color and shape, through non-objectiveness and line, through light and shadow. Colored forms play on canvases and combine memories from childhood, movement, holiday feeling, flowers and feasts, bright impressions and dreams of the authors, along with the awareness and the need to share their emotional mood, their vision through abstract forms with the surrounding world and space.

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