Scientific Academy of the "Mysteries of Man"

01.09.2018 - 22.09.2018
September is perhaps the most long-awaited time of the year for lovers of knowledge, because it's time for new knowledge and interesting acquaintances. And in Kuntsevo Plaza begins its work "Children's Academy." What could be more interesting than studying the human body ?!

Thanks to the exhibits of the scientific museum, interesting scientific experiments and creative master classes, our little academics will disclose some of the riddles of a person and, possibly, in the future, will associate their profession with medicine.

01.09. Introductory program from the science museum for children.
The museum will bring interesting exhibits and a fair of scientific entertainment.
Exhibits: "Balance", "Anatomy of the human body" and "Anatomical specks"
Children learn where our bodies get energy and how they use it, how much energy is involved
in powdered sugar. Children will be able to participate in the race of proteins, draw on milk and much more.

08.09. Scientific program "Tantalizing taste"
In this entertaining program, children will explore their own language under a microscope, and also determine if there really is a taste map. Young scientists learn how and why the taste and smell are closely related to each other, and will be able to make their favorite drinks!
• Children learn why they need flavorings.
• Spend a lot of fun experiments.
• Are surprised that the taste can be deceived!

15.09. The scientific program "We are looking for our feelings."
All our senses have a scientific theory, we will introduce children to it. We will reveal the secrets of taste, hearing, sight. Let's share the secrets of touch and smell. We will tell you how the eye is arranged and why the tongue determines the taste. All this will become known to the children during an entertaining lesson.
• We will show stethoscopes to children and explain their principle of action.
• Our experiments will surprise everyone, showing that you can "eat" your eyes.
• We will explain why parents touch their children's lips to their foreheads when they want to know the temperature.
• We will talk about the Braille technique and check the vision of children.

22.09. Master-class "Time to eat right".
What can be more useful for children than fruits and vegetables! But very often small sweet tooths do not make to exchange lollipop for an apple or carrot. At our master class, children will create a watch that will always remind them of the benefits of "healthy eating" and encourage them to eat something vitaminized at a "certain time" that they themselves can select and allocate on the dial.

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