The Exhibition "Remember!" Kuntsevo Plaza!

05.05.2018 - 10.06.2018
On the eve of the most important holiday of our country - the Great Victory Day, in Kuntsevo Plaza "an exhibition opens, which presents the works of the front-line soldier, airborne platoon commander Nikolai Sidorovich Morozov, who dignified the most terrible and devastating war in the history of mankind.
He was twice seriously wounded and bruised. After the war, Nikolai Morozov entered the Moscow City Art Studio for disabled veterans of the Patriotic War.

After the successful completion of the studio, after some time, being his man in the house-studio of the artist Pavel Dmitrievich Korin, Morozov worked on the decoration of the metro station Komsomolskaya Ring, University, Smolensk, continuing to receive invaluable experience from his teacher.
July 12, 1967 Nikolai became a member of the Moscow branch of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Among the orders were portraits of VI Lenin, K. Marx, F. Engels. In November 1963, the first sketches of the painting "The Final of the Great Patriotic War" - one of the artist's most important works - were created.
Being primarily an artist-painter, N. S. Morozov worked in various art techniques: these were works not only pictorial and graphic, but also watercolor, pastel, aquatint, engraving, mosaic. One of the main themes in his art was the military theme, which is devoted to the main works, kindly provided us with his grandson.

The exhibition will run until May 25.
The exposition is located on the 3rd floor of the shopping center. Free admission.

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