"LET"S HIT THE ROAD" a new exhibition of Catherine Yastrebova

19.03.2018 - 06.05.2018
Let's hit the road! Under such a wonderful and inspiring name is a new exhibition of fine art in the art space Kuntsevo Plaza.

Ekaterina Yastrebova graduated from the Faculty of Monumental and Decorative Painting MGHPA him SG. Stroganov in 1965. Exhibited abroad. Since 1993 she is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists, as well as of the International Art Foundation.

A unique experience and high skill gave birth to a genre close to postmodernism, but with a touch of irony and a strong desire for realism. Paintings by Yastrebova always evoke bright emotions in the audience.
Hit the road with Kuntsevo Plaza!
Entrance free, 3 floor

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