European Property Awards 2016

ENKA TC was honored at the European Property Awards in the Marriott Grosvenor Square, London on the 27th October for their project Kuntsevo Plaza. ENKA TC competed against the best property professionals across Europe to be recognized in the Retail Architecture and Retail Development categories. The company has been named among the most innovative, exceptional, and ambitious projects of 2016, representing their country on an international stage in London.

The official Awards website is www.propertyawards.net 

International Award RLI in the nomination “International Retail & Leisure Destination” 2016

On May 5, 2016, in London Natural History Museum, Retail and Leisure International magazine specializing on retail and entertainments, held the eleventh ceremony of delivery of the Global RLI awards. The sponsors arranged yet again a grand gala night in tribute to the most fantastic and innovative projects of the commercial real estate from all over the world.

Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Complex was honoured with an award in the nomination “International Retail & Leisure Destination”. Its competitors in the nomination were such award-winning projects as Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, Galaxy MACAU and CapitaMall in Hankow.

In her opening speech, Jane Rafter, Director of Paramount Publications, pointed out as follows: “Tonight, we pay tribute to the very best of the best, the innovators and those that dare to push the boundaries; we reward all of those exemplary, dynamic projects and concepts that have excited the senses recently with stunning architecture, superb customer service and breath‐taking ideas that aren’t afraid to take risks, refusing to settle for anything but the very best.”

Murat Duran, General Director of ENKA TC, provided his own comments: “We thank all award panel for the credence given and for such high appraisal of our work. In its projects, ENKA TC Company always tries to be at least one step ahead of the up-to-date demands of the customers. Now we can be proud of the yielded result. Using the advanced experience of the international team, we have managed to build absolutely innovative space called to raise the comfort level of the residents of the megalopolis to a new standard of living”.


RCSC Awards 2015, Лучший торговый центр 2015

The nomination covers the new Russian SC of the specified scale. The award in this nomination is destined to outline the changes, which occurred in the industry in the unstable economic periods, based on establishment of the new standards and levels of innovations for the retail real estate projects.

Смотр-конкурс "Лучший объект для клиента", Премия "Серебряный знак"

The Review Competition is open and is held in the exhibition format aimed at combining efforts on creation of the product (architectural building, structure, complex) oriented at satisfaction of the needs of the customer, improvement of the architectural designing quality and determination of the real estate market leaders.


Cityscape Awards-2012

Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets Premium is a part of Cityscape Global Project combining international investors, architects, consultants, developers, leading specialists and representatives of the state structures engaged in the real estate sector. The premium is delivered for the most prominent projects of the developing regions of the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Persian Gulf countries. 


#BBDAY (Beauty Bazar Day)///part II


Kuntsevo Plaza entered the TOP 10 of the most elegant shopping centers in Moscow!


"Give The Love" an Andrei Bartenev exhibition in Kuntsevo Plaza

May 28, 2016 within the space of Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Center, a presentation of the art-travel from Andrey Bartenev, a famous artist-guru of bright performances, was held

An offbeat Russian artist, an expert of spectacular performances,, an Honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Academy of Fools of Vyacheslav Polunin, on May 28, 2016, Andrey Bartenev filled the space of Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Center with his bright characters. For several months, Bartenev’s sculptures will beautify the public areas of the Center.  

On the opening day, an «eccentric promenade” under the most promising name “Buy me at once!” took place. As the author himself says: “The paths of love are unexplored. But it is well known, what causes a flush of feelings - cats, elephants, mother, home, money – we will send our audience on a journey to explore the feeling of love!” 

In Kuntsevo Plaza Complex, Andrey Bartenev exposed, by means of art, the subject of the hedonistic foundation of the entertainments of the up-to-date consumption society – uniting in a bright visual imagery and semantics such notions as: Coziness, Well-Being, Love, Luck and Peace. Within the framework of a performance, actors wearing outfits of “happy money” and flowers, stalked along different floors of Kuntsevo Plaza, calling at the stores and hugging the spectators, and  politely answered: “HOW MUCH SHALL I WEIGH OUT?” to the shouts of especially impatient persons: “GIVE THE LOVE!”

The halls and open spaces of the Complex were decorated with the sculptures, each of which had a semantic context: for example, a huge cat symbolized coziness, elephant – well-being, white bear - peace, a girl’s face became a symbol of love for a beloved woman - mother, and money – a symbol of luck. “It has so happened that money has turned into a quantitative designation of success. Together with you, we have built a wave of money,” the artist said during a personal tour of the exhibits. - “Touch it for luck! And luck will fall jingling into your pockets!” For the exhibition, co-authored by Patrick K.-Х., Andrey also filmed a movie “Give the Love!”, which was shown on the huge wall of the fourth floor of the Complex.

The works created by Bartenev will be displayed in the spaces of the Multi-Purpose Complex for two months, to June 28, turning coming into the Shopping Center into a secular and creative event, in which the modern art and unique architecture of the Shopping Complex, a fancy-ball and haute couture, cultural leisure and high-quality shopping will be intertwined. 
By his education Andrey Bartenev is a stage director to the equal extent combining in his creative work the work of the artist and a circus clown. Bartenev’s costumes and decorations are frequently compared to the images of Russian futurists, with the avant-garde theatre. In the environment of Kuntsevo Plaza Multi-Purpose Complex, this comparison promises to look especially to the point; in fact, here the mere architecture of the Shopping Center conceptually looks up to the indigenous and expressive language of the Russian avant-garde: it’s exactly it that is referred to by the broken lines of the facades, complex geometry of the interior galleries and rich colour palette. Production Director of the Project: Julia Bychkova.   

The maitre has recently celebrated his 50th anniversary, and in his jubilee year, two large personal exhibits were held at one dash: in Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Gogolevsky Blvd. and in RuArts gallery, which induced a strong interest to the bright style of the maitre.


Торжественное закрытие Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia прошло в Кунцево Плаза


The First Gala Show of Collections Has Been Conducted in Kuntsevo Plaza

On November 28, Kuntsevo Plaza a recently opened complex with a mall of fashion brands. The Hala Show of the Collections was devoted to the frontmost fashion images of the current season. Celebrities of the fashion night were Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya and Natalia Lesnikovskaya, actresses, Nastya Kraynova, a singer, as well as Lera Kondra a singer, model and TV presenter.

The stylist and stage director of the closed Show was Oksana On. The images fashionable in this season were compiled by the image maker from the couture collections of the leading world brands represented in Kuntsevo 

Within the defile, a mix of the most fashionable and popular models reflecting the key fashion trends of the season was demonstrated. On the podium, collections of stylish clothes of various designs, fit, texture and colour palette shone out. Among the main trends, there are erased boundaries between masculinity and femininity within the framework of one set of clothes, a challenging combination of textile textures – light silk or lace with covering velvet and leather, generous use of stones and spangles in the decoration, as well as incredible colour combinations.

The guests visiting the fashionable event were curious to watch the show focusing on the looks important for them. Immediately upon completion of the defile, some of the guests hurried to the boutiques of the brands, which took part in the fashion show, in order to replenish their wardrobe with a podium set they liked. By the way, the stylish shopping fanciers were pleasantly surprised: in honour of conduct of Kuntsevo Plaza Fashion Show, each and every brand has provided very attractive discounts of up to 40% practically for the entire assortment, and in some stores, clothes could be purchased from capsule collections. By tradition, the celebrities received nice gifts from the famous brands: stylish watches from Michael Kors, аand certificates for the recent collections - from LoriBlu, ecodemica and Tommy Hilfiger.
The evening came to an end in the new and already very popular Pavel Kosterenko’s restaurant Local Comfort Food, where a closed party took place. The stars of the After Party were Aleksey Likhnitsky and Roman Yunusov, residents ofComedy Club, the authors of the popular duet The Zaitsev Sisters, who for an hour revived the spirits of the guests by their sparkling jokes from the popular stand-ups and by unexpected improvisations.

The day program of events for the visitors of Kuntsevo 
The program was opened by a master class by Tim Leo, a stylist of INGLOTprofessional cosmetic trademark. The make-up designer told about the make-up application nuances and showed the most up-to-date and a very natural make-up, which will fit any woman as an everyday image.

The lecture of Maria Kolosova, a famous blogger and stylist, was devoted to the freshest fashion trends of the current season. By the example of five versatile images, Maria shared with the guests of the Complex, her recommendations on selection of sets of clothes and accessories, and told them about peculiarities of their colour combinations. Speaking about the most interesting current fashion vectors, the stylist laid emphasis on the 60s with the geometrical stylistics and use of intense colour solutions – light-blue, orange, pink combined with the neutral beige, black, grey and dark blue inherent in them, as well as the 70s, when a man’s suit became a significant element of a woman’s wardrobe. What concerns the colour mix, in Maria Kolosova’s opinion, it is worth paying attention to the universal grey, which has become fashion in this season, and which, depending on the tincture, suits absolutely everybody, to the beneficial interaction of grey with bright-orange, as well as to the Gothic combination of black and white. In her exclusive interview, Maria mentioned five things, which shall be mandatory included to the wardrobe of each fashion-monger. Thus, must haves from the stylist Maria Kolosova:
1.Man’s style suit with wide trousers in fashion of Marlen Dietrich;
2.Knitted dress (to be worn with accessories accentuating the vertical line);
3.Silk blouse with a changeable bow or tie (to be combined with a skirt or jeans);
4.Non-decorated high boots;
5.White or black laced blouse (a dress as an alternative).

The day program was continued by a show of season collections of jeans and casual rands represented in Kuntsevo 
In completion of the public part, a public talk was held with participation of Anna Burasheva, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire magazine, and Julia Baranovskaya, a famous TV presenter. Attention was focused on such urgent problem as the part a woman plays in the modern world. The presenters shared their own experience with the guests telling them about the way to be an active and successful woman in the conditions of the vehement rate of the urban life.

In Julia Baranovskaya’s opinion, the main recipe is not to complain of the head-spinning pace of living, but to follow it, to plunge into the whirlwind of concerns and events, and to do everything amusedly and with love. “And if a person says that he does not manage to do something, it shall mean that he just does not want to do it”, the TV presenter believes. “Because if you are passionately involved in doing something you really enjoy, you will sure find power to do what is considered impossible by others. You will manage to work, and to go on dates, and to have your nails done, and to spend time with your children, and you will still have time left for shopping…”. An up-to-date successful woman, as per the words of Julia Branovskaya, is the one living in rapport with herself.

Anna Burashove agreed with Julia in many aspects stating, in her own turn, that a modern woman in the conditions of rapidly changing world shall be active, and what is still more important – positive. “It is necessary to get enough sleep and to face any life events calmly and smiling; in this case, all problems will simply disappear”, Anna shares her considerations. Giving makeup recommendations, the Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire magazine speaks for naturalness and classical style – a well-cared-for facial skin and a slight accent on the eyes made by lash mascara will be sufficient. The Editor-in-Chief also shared her fashion recommendations.
Fashion recommendations from Anna Burashova:
Shoes or boots on a wide steady heel – is a recent trend, a good alternative to spike heels.
A practical spacious bag will enable creating a up-to-date image and having everything necessary at hand.
A well-ironed white shirt will be of vital importance both in the office and at dinner, especially if completed with a bright accessory.
A broach, for instance in form of flowers is a fetish of the season. It can beautify a blouse, a scarf and even boots.A broach, for instance in form of flowers is a fetish of the season. It can beautify a blouse, a scarf and even boots.

Полина Гагарина дала первый публичный концерт после Евровидения в МФК «Кунцево Плаза»


МФК Кунцево Плаза: русский авангард глазами американских архитекторов


Выставка Dance in VOGUE в Кунцево Плаза


Главный журнал о моде покажет выставку Russia in VOGUE в Кунцево Плаза


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